Talent management - 2016 update

Good progress was made in enabling and facilitating the development and growth of AECI’s employees. Several projects and programmes were initiated to enhance their workplace engagement and experience:

improved leadership capability and talent effectiveness through the Group’s partnership with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (“GIBS”). GIBS provides customised, accredited management and leadership programmes in the context of the AECI Management Development Ladder (the “Ladder”). The latter is designed for leaders from Junior to Senior management levels, offering participants the most up-to-date knowledge. At Senior level, in particular, participants are exposed to stretch assignments from individual and syndicate perspectives. The subject matter of these assignments is then applied in the Group to identify and action growth opportunities. In the last two years, resultant efforts in the areas of Group-wide collaboration and innovation have yielded good results. The fourth intake of participants, across all levels on the Ladder, participated in the GIBS programme in 2016. Its sustained success was illustrated by the need to present the Foundational programme for two groups of employees for the first time since inception. Over four years, 413 employees have benefited from the Ladder, with 77% of them being from designated groups. Three Executives and Senior Managers were enrolled on the GIBS Global Executive Development Programme and they achieved excellent results. This programme will continue to be offered until all Senior Managers have had an opportunity to attend;

investigations into offering a Strategic Thinking for Leaders programme commenced and implementation is being considered for 2017. A number of business schools linked to local and international universities were engaged in selecting a suitable product;

Group companies invested significant time in workforce planning through the development of succession plans to address their short- and long-term employment needs. Executive coaching may be offered to potential successors during 2017 as part of individual companies’ development plans.


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