Green Gauge

The AECI Green Gauge programme was launched four years ago. Since then, significant progress has been made in the key focus areas of resource and energy conservation. In the initial phases of the programme, energy, water and waste reduction opportunities were identified. Action plans were developed to address these opportunities and implementation followed. At site and business levels, savings have been measured and reported against a 2011 baseline to quantify progress against targets.

A summary of the more noteworthy performance improvements achieved during 2015 is as follows:


Industrial Oleochemical Products (“IOP”): due to the reduction of the operating pressure from 9 bar to 8 bar on the boilers, and an initiative to burn no more liquid fuel through more efficient start up techniques of the boilers, IOP was able to reduce its electricity consumption by 11%.


IOP completed a project to reduce water charge to its fat splitting process, thereby producing less waste water and reducing water usage. The result was a 6% improvement in water consumption year-on-year.


Acacia Operations Services reduced ash generation at the Umbogintwini Industrial Complex by 27% year-on-year thanks to the conversion of a second boiler from coal to gas feedstock.




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