AECI Group Socio-economic development programmes

Socio-economic development (SED) is a national and global imperative which is embedded in the ethos of the AECI Group. The AECI Group is a socially responsible organisation, investing in effective community-focused organisations and initiatives, through the development and upliftment of vulnerable communities surrounding its operations. SED in this context refers to community development as defined by South African legislation. International initiatives are defined in accordance with legislation in the countries in which AECI operates. The AECI SED programmes are driven by strategic social investment, community empowerment, meaningful partnerships and good governance that ensures sustainable development by “teaching people to fish rather than giving them a fish”.

Efforts are channelled into three key vehicles aligned with the business strategy and seen as critical to improving the lives of vulnerable individuals and communities in which the Group operates. These vehicles are: AECI Group CSI Fund, AECI Community Education and Development Trust and Tiso AEL Development Trust.

AECI is committed to ensuring regular monitoring and evaluation of programmes. This is achieved by focused reporting, targeted outcomes and impact-based grant management to ensure sustainable impact on the social and economic wellbeing of those affected.

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  • CSI Fund
    AECI Group CSI Fund

    The development goal of the AECI Group CSI Fund is to improve the quality of life for vulnerable individuals and families across South Africa by investing in effective community-focused organisations and initiatives. In 2014, the AECI CSI fund has contributed over R10 million to socio-economic development across the country in the form of monetary grants...

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    AECI Education
    AECI Education and Development

    The AECI Community Education and Development Trust was established as part of AECI’s B-BBEE transactions in 2012. The trust is a 3,5% shareholder in AECI and its primary objective is to support the sustainable socio-economic empowerment of vulnerable communities in South Africa. The Trust is guided by national and local developmental imperatives as well...

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    TISO AEL Development Trust
    Tiso AEL Development Trust

    This Trust is funded through dividend income from share ownership in AECI, and contributions from the AECI CSI Fund as well as from AEL Mining Services. Because AEL’s largest manufacturing facility is located in Modderfontein, Johannesburg, the Tiso AEL Development Trust focuses its interventions in South Africa primarily in Tembisa – the largest vulnerable...

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