Employee wellness

The welfare and well-being of employees is a priority for the AECI Group. A Wellness Steering Committee is in place to guide a proactive approach to enhancing employee health.

The Committee is representative of management, employees and trade unions and is responsible for driving and monitoring wellness initiatives and related strategies. The focus is on general well-being rather than on illnesses, acknowledging that overall good health involves a multitude of facets including lifestyle elements.

Employee Assistance Programmes are in place and are accessible to all employees. These Programmes provide counselling on a variety of issues ranging from help with post-traumatic stress to financial guidance. In more remote areas where employees cannot meet face-to-face with a counsellor, telephonic services are available.

To implement the Group’s Wellness Programme, volunteers across the Group have been trained to become agents of change in the workplace and beyond. These agents are employees who volunteer to assist their colleagues in understanding, preventing and managing HIV/Aids and other chronic illnesses.

Advice on healthy lifestyles is another area of focus as is the emphasis placed on volunteerism and helping needy people in the communities in which the Group operates.


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