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Senior managers

Senior managers

Gary Cundill   Gary Cundill (45)
BSc Eng (Chem), BEng Hons (Water), GDE (Civil) MPhil (Environmental Management), Pr Eng

Gary is Group Technical and Safety, Health and Environment Manager. He has worked in the chemicals, steel and explosives industries, and joined the Group in 2001. His background lies in technical development and in project and operations management.

Gugu Mthethwa   Gugu Mthethwa (53)
BSc Eng (Chem), MBA

Gugu joined AECI in 2011 as Senior Mergers and Acquisitions Manager. Her work experience includes various roles in the chemical processing and pulp manufacturing industries, as well as investment banking.

Fulvia Putero   Fulvia Putero (50)
MA (Translation)

Fulvia is AECI’s Corporate Communications and Investor Relations Manager. A graduate of the University of the Witwatersrand, she joined the Group’s Publicity Department in 1986.

Nomini Rapoo   Nomini Rapoo (49)
BCom (Law), UED, LLB, Admitted Attorney of the High Court, Certificate in Corporate Governance

Nomini joined AECI as Company Secretary in 2011. In addition to her commercial and legal degrees, she has qualifications and extensive experience across of broad spectrum of disciplines including risk and compliance management, internal audit, legal services and corporate governance functions.

Iwan Schutte   Iwan Schutte (40)

Iwan is Group Internal Audit Manager. Prior to being appointed to this position he was Divisional Internal Audit Manager responsible for the specialty chemicals cluster. He joined AECI in 2004.

Trevor Starke   Trevor Starke (44)

Trevor is Group Treasurer with overall responsibility for treasury functions, corporate centre accounting, payroll and office management. He joined AECI in 1997 and worked in Group Accounting before joining the Treasury in 1999.

Daryl Tarr   Daryl Tarr (51)
Dip Elec Eng LC

Daryl is the Group’s IT Manager with overall responsibility for managing IT operations. He joined AECI Industrial Chemicals in 1989 and then moved to Nitrogen Products as Distribution Manager. After implementing SAP at Kynoch Fertilizer he ultimately transferred to AEL as IT Manager. He took up his current position in 2011.

Graham Thompson   Graham Thompson (37)

Graham is AECI’s Group Financial Manager with overall responsibility for the Group’s finance and tax functions. He joined AECI in 2005 as Group Accountant, having previously worked as an Audit Manager in an auditing firm.

Louis van der Walt   Louis van der Walt (58)
Bluris, LLB, CFP, Advocate of the High Court

Louis has been Manager of AECI’s Retirement Funds since 1999. He joined AECI as a Legal Advisor in 1991, having worked in similar capacities elsewhere. Louis is a Certified Financial Planner.